What types of items do you sell?

We have something for everyone. We carry housewares, home décor, electronics, toys, tools, sports and outdoors, health and beauty and many more. Our inventory is constantly changing and may be different from one day to the next.

Where do you get your merchandise?

We purchase clearance items, shelf pulls, customer returns, and seasonal items from     different retailers and distributors.

Are your items new?

We are a salvage retail store and since we sometimes purchase customer returns some items may have slight damage or be used while other items are brand new. We do not sell anything that is broken. All of our items are tested before they are placed on our shelves to be sold. Customers are also welcome to test items before purchase as well.

When do you get new shipments?

This varies. We typically receive a new shipment every one to three months but sometimes more often. The faster we sell our current merchandise, the faster we can buy new merchandise. Any new shipments that we receive will be posted on our Facebook page.

Do you know what is going to be in your new shipments?

Sometimes we receive a list of everything that we will receive on a shipment but not always.

NOTE: Even with a manifest, we do not know what condition the item(s) will be in upon arrival. This means that we may receive a listed item, but if it is damaged severely then it is no good to our customers and we will not sell it.

Do you have an online store?

Due to the irregular schedule and types of shipments that we receive, we are unable to sell online at this time. All purchases must be made in store.


We greatly appreciate customer feedback. Please complete the contact form on the contact page and include any questions and/or feedback. We would love to hear from you!